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M122 GT500 Supercharger Adapter Kit

M122 GT500 Supercharger Adapter Kit

M122 GT500 Supercharger Adapter Kit
Application: 3.7 V6 FORD engines
        **4-6lbs. boost max (without intercooler)

This kit allows you to bolt an M122 supercharger from the GT500

Without intercooler, clears the hood with slight modifications.

This kit includes-
-larger 50lbs. injectors
-modified fuel rails
-lower aluminum manifold spacer
-spacer gasket and spacer bolts
-upper intake spacer gasket
-supercharger adapter manifold and provisions for boost gage
-8 adapter manifold bolts
-1 supercharger gasket and supercharger hardware
-thermostat housing spacer with o-ring
-pulley guide spacer, 3 bolts, guide pulley
-supercharger belt
-cylinder head water housing spacer, belt guide/hardware
-3" aluminum supercharger air intake pipe
-silicone couplings for the throttle body
-aluminum extension pipe from the t/b to the air filter
-open funnel performance air filter
-welded tab to fit onto MASS Air sensor
-PCV vacuum hoses, supercharger vacuum hose, knock sensor hose and adjusters
-MASS Air and throttle body extension wire kit

**Water to air intercooler sold separately

**Air to air intercooler being developed


PRICE: $2 700.00
Instructions: 3.7 c.jpg (155.8 Kb)

Main Stud Girdle Kit

Main Stud Girdle Kit

Main Stud Girdle Kit
Made of 1/2" steel
include ARP main studs

**Coming soon**
PRICE: $1.00

4 Barrel Intake Manifold

4 Barrel Intake Manifold

4 Barrel Intake Manifold
Application: 3.7 V6 Ford 2011 and up Mustang, F150

**ADD $300. (click on 2nd pic below) for back water inlet

*Introductory special*

PRICE: $480.00
Instructions: h.jpg (300.5 Kb)

Forged Connecting Rods

Forged Connecting Rods

Forged Connecting Rods
Application: 3.7 V6, 3.5 V6

Excellent forged H-beam replacement rods for ANY use, incl. boost applications (nitro, turbo, supercharge).
PRICE: $800.00

4.0 Stroker Kit

4.0 Stroker Kit

4.0 Stroker Kit
Application: 2011-2016 3.7 Mustangs, F150

Morana V6 Racing now offers Stroker Kits for the V6 Ford Enthusiast!

A Stroker Kit is forged replacement engine components (forged pistons, forged connecting rods, performance piston rings, bearings, and Stroker aftermarket STEEL crankshaft), which is much stronger than stock internals, and a good solid foundation, for those who intend on using boost e.g. Nos, turbo charging or supercharging, or N/A  

Our Stroker Kits alone, will yield approx. 40 hp. & 40lbs. torques.

Additional hp. is gained (depending on application) eg. head stage, camshaft used, boost/type, t/b size, compression, etc...

PRICE: $4 500.00

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs

ARP Head Studs
Genuine ARP Head Stud Kit
Application: 3.70L V6 Ford DOHC engines

Our best quality fasteners are re-usable!

US. Funds
PRICE: $450.00

Header Flanges

Header Flanges

Header Flanges
Application: 3.7 V6 Mustang, F150, 3.5 V6 F150

Much bigger than stock, for better exhaust flow.

For those who want to make their own headers

3/8" thick

$100 per set

*Also available in stainless steel for turbo set-up
$140.00 set.
PRICE: $100.00
Instructions: IMG_20160112_153155 (1).jpg (690.8 Kb)

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