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Alternater/Water Pump Kit

Alternater/Water Pump Kit

Alternater/Water Pump Kit
Electric Water Pump Kit & Alternator

Application:  ANY 3.8 V6 Ford 87-06
Not for use for vehicles with power steering. Also good for boats, airplanes
A great Unit for Hot Rods!

This Unique Kit is ideal for street or strip. Giving you more room under the hood and is easy to get to.

This kit enables you to lose about 40 lbs. out of the nose-no more bulky brackets!

Both the alternator and water pump will free up to approx. 20 hp. as they aren't laboring to pull the large ugly belt.


Introductory Price US.
PRICE: $850.00
Instructions: alt.jpg (266.9 Kb)

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