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3.8 V6 Stroker Kits

3.8 V6 Stroker Kits

3.8 V6 Stroker Kits
Morana V6 Racing now offers Stroker Kits for the V6 Ford Enthusiast!

A Stroker Kit is forged replacement engine components (forged pistons, forged connecting rods, performance piston rings, bearings, and Stroker crankshaft), which is much stronger than stock internals, and a good solid foundation, for those who intend on using boost e.g. Nos, turbo charging or supercharging, or N/A  

Our Stroker Kits alone, will yield approx. 40 hp. & 40lbs. torques.

Additional hp. is gained (depending on application) eg. head stage, camshaft used, boost/type, t/b size, compression, etc...

Compatible for all 3.8 V6's from 82-95,96-03 3.9 2004-2007  

4.2L Stroker Kit consists of-
forged Diamond pistons, performance piston rings, forged Scat H-beam or Eagle forged connecting rods, Clevite or SpeedPro connecting rod & main cap bearings, cast steel Stroked crankshaft, fully balanced- $3,200. US. funds

4.4L Stroker Kit, consists of-
cast steel crankshaft, Diamond forged pistons, forged connecting rods, performance piston rings, Clevite or SpeedPro bearings, balanced- $4,000.  US. funds

**Your crankshaft core IS REQUIRED as an exchange for the Stroker Crank** Special shipping instructions needed before shipping. We pay for your core return shipping.

High Volume Oil Pump

High Volume Oil Pump

High Volume Oil Pump
3.8 V6 Ford 1987-2004

Delivers more oil to the engine and less chances of burning bearings.

Good for both street and strip.
PRICE: $180.00
Instructions: 3.8 High Volume Oil Pump side view.JPG (1.3 Mb)

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